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5 Years / 169,- €  269,- €    Limited offer !  
The price is final, you do not pay any additional fees within 60 months.
100% money-back guarantee in the form of many new orders for accommodation.
All contacts directly to you
We don't charge any commission for arranging the stay
We will also display your accommodation on the home page of the portal
You can independently edit your accommodation at any time
Advertising campaigns in search engines and social networks
Regular rotation of accommodation
Telephone or e-mail support during the working days
No catch, contracts, clear terms and a fair approach
Accommodation portal with many years of experiencei
Possibility to add an unlimited number of images and a video presentation
Contact and booking form protected against spam
Automatic translation into many languages
Impression counter plus other details
Generating and displaying a QR code for mobile devices
Interactive maps with the exact location of your accommodation
Shortened address and own page on the Internet
Moderated ratings, comments and reviews
A lot of other and modern features that you only get from us

Frequently asked questions

How it works ?

The advertisement contains all contacts for accommodation providers. Guests can contact you directly via e-mail, telephone number, reservation form (will be sent to your e-mail). All communication then takes place between the guest and you without an intermediary.

Is this legally binding agreement ?

No. No contract is required to register your accommodation facility on the MegaBooking portal, there is no notice period, no penalties, etc. - cooperation is based solely on the satisfaction of the accommodation provider.

Can I edit the advertisement myself ?

Yes. At any time, you can very easily change the content of all parts of the advertisement except the main photo. Changes are free and anyone can do them. After making a change, you can immediately see the result.

Is this advertisement worth it ?

Every day we mediate a number of stays, so it is unlikely that advertising on our portal will not pay off for you. The accomodation provider has a guarantee from us of returning the funds spent in the form of many new orders for accommodation.